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  1. Tomato, Bodacious Hybrid
    Tomato, Bodacious Hybrid
    Large, round, vibrant, disease-resistant tomatoes, deliver the sweetness of life straight from garden to table.
    $6.95 - $18.95
    As low as $6.95

    Seeds & Plant & Plant

  2. Tomato, Fourth of July Hybrid
    Tomato, Fourth of July Hybrid
    Our first tomato to ripe, often by Independence Day!
    $5.95 - $18.95
    As low as $5.95

    Plant & Plant & Seeds & Seeds

  3. Tomato, Better Boy  Hybrid
    Tomato, Better Boy Hybrid
    Huge, tasty, red tomatoes, many 1 lb. each.
    $6.45 - $18.95
    As low as $6.45

    Seeds & Plant & Seeds & Seeds & Plant

  4. Cucumber, Burpee Hybrid II
    Cucumber, Burpee Hybrid II
    Cool, crisp flesh with great flavor
    As low as $4.95


  5. Cauliflower, Twister Hybrid
    Cauliflower, Twister Hybrid
    Lovely twisting leaves protect bright-white curds.
    $6.95 - $9.95
    As low as $6.95

    Seed & Plant

  6. Tomato, Big Mama Hybrid
    Tomato, Big Mama Hybrid
    Enormous size and flavor.
    $6.45 - $8.32
    As low as $6.45

    Seeds & Plant

  7. Corn, Sweet, Wild Violet Hybrid
    Corn, Sweet, Wild Violet Hybrid
    Edible treasure with pops of purple and superlative sweetness.
    As low as $6.95


  8. Hyacinth Bean Vine, Silver Moon
    Hyacinth Bean Vine, Silver Moon
    Exciting new color of Hyacinth Bean Vine with white flowers and silvery, shiny 3-inch pods.
    As low as $4.95


  9. Pepper, Hot, Jalapeño M
    Pepper, Hot, Jalapeño M
    Dark green, medium-hot, thick-walled peppers 3" long, 1" wide, with rounded tips.
    As low as $4.95


  10. Celosia, Sol Gekko Green
    Celosia, Sol Gekko Green
    This exciting newcomer has amazing heat tolerance and no disease issues whatsoever.
    $6.95 - $22.95
    As low as $6.95

    Plant & Seeds

  11. Kale, Lacinato
    Kale, Lacinato
    HEIRLOOM. Blue-green leaves loaded with flavor.
    $5.45 - $9.95
    As low as $5.45

    Plant & Plant & Seeds

  12. California Poppy, Yukon Gold
    California Poppy, Yukon Gold
    Welcome a supremely lovely new California poppy variety ready to add pizazz to your own super-blooming tapestry.
    As low as $4.95


  13. Dill, Fernleaf
    Dill, Fernleaf
    All-America Selections winner.
    As low as $5.45


  14. Ornamental Grass, Blue Fescue
    Ornamental Grass, Blue Fescue
    Tidy, mounded grass with silvery blue color.
    As low as $4.45


  15. Okra, Burgundy
    Okra, Burgundy
    HEIRLOOM. Gorgeous, delicious and prolific.
    As low as $5.95


  16. Moonflower, Giant White
    Moonflower, Giant White
    HEIRLOOM. Fragrant 6" flowers open in the evening.
    As low as $4.95


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