Extend your harvest with a bonus growing season! Shop NowExtend your harvest with a bonus growing season! Shop Now

Don't close up your garden too soon!

Extend your harvest with a bonus growing season! It’s easy to keep growing with cool-season crops.

Make Way for More! - Burpee GardensMake Way for More! - Burpee Gardens

Clear plants when they've finished producing.

Boost Your Soil - Burpee GardensBoost Your Soil - Burpee Gardens

Reinvoigorate beds by mixing in plenty of compost.

Planting Time - Burpee GardensPlanting Time - Burpee Gardens

Start when the daytime temperatures stay below 85 degrees.

Vegetable Plants

Order early for the best selection and we'll ship at the perfect time for planting.


Direct Sow Seeds

Keep it easy! Sow seeds directly into your garden for a bountiful harvest.



Brassicas like broccoli, kale, and cauliflower reach their flavor peak in cool weather.


Root Vegetables

Colder days provide perfect growing conditions for underground goodies like radishes and beets.


Salad Greens

When the temperatures begin to drop, these salad stars make a garden comeback.


"Fall is the best planting time for broccoli and cauliflower!"
-New Jersey Gardener

Making Way For More!

Boost Your Soil

Plant Now, Enjoy Later

Already dreaming of spring? Fall is perfect for planning ahead! Put perennials and bulbs in the ground and you’ll be richly rewarded with early spring blooms and sweet fruit harvests.

Garden Guide

Learn more and grow your best garden!

How to Direct Sow Seeds

Fall Harvest Vegetables

What to Plant in Fall for a Gorgeous Spring Garden

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