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Sansevieria (Snake Plant), Black Coral

Short Description

Bold, upright dark green leaves with wavy silver-green markings.

Full Description

Our darkest Mother-in-law’s tongue is also our tallest, growing up to 3’ with narrow upward pointing leaves marked with gray-green wavy bands on a deeper green background. Color is darker, almost black, in lower light levels, and tends to be more pronounced on newer foliage. One of the very easiest houseplants you can grow, sansevieria practically thrives on neglect. Prefers indirect medium to low light. Allow to dry between watering. Plants benefit from having their leaves wiped down periodically.
  • Light Requirement: Part Sun, Full Shade
  • Spread: 10-12 inches
  • Height: 12-18 inches
  • Life Cycle: Annual
  • Growth Habit: Erect
  • Container: Yes
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    Sansevieria (Snake Plant), Black Coral
    Sansevieria (Snake Plant), Black Coral , , large
    Item #: 26921
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    Product properties

    Sun The amount of sunlight this product needs daily in order to perform well in the garden. Full sun means 6 hours of direct sun per day; partial sun means 2-4 hours of direct sun per day; shade means little or no direct sun.

    Full Shade, Part Sun

    Height The typical height of this product at maturity.

    12-18 inches

    Spread The width of the plant at maturity.

    10-12 inches

    Life Cycle This refers to whether a plant is an annual, biennial or perennial. Annuals complete their life cycles in one year; biennials produce foliage the first year and bloom and go to seed the second year; perennials can live for more than two years.


    Growth Habit The genetic tendency of a plant to grow in a certain shape, such as vining or bush like.


    Flowering This refers to whether this product blooms or not.



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