Top 10 Container Gardening Tips

Top 10 Container Gardening Tips

1. Water, water, water! Soil dries out faster in pots than in the ground, so remember to water more frequently, and enough that water comes out of the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. Better yet – try a self-watering container!

2. Use potting soil, which is designed to give container plants the texture and drainage they need.

3.  Planting flowers in containers? Go for the WOW factor! Be sure to include different colors, textures, and heights, placing taller plants in the middle or back of the container, and trailing plants at the edge.

Container Flowers


4. Any determinate tomato will grow in a container, and we especially recommend cherry tomatoes.

5. If sunlight is a problem, try placing your container on a wheeled pot trolley and move to follow the sun.

6. Start an indoor herb garden year-round for fresh herbs! Plus, herbs don't need much space - a 6" pot will work perfectly.

7. Try vertical gardening! Take advantage of trellises or walls to grow up, as well as out.

8. New to container gardening? Some of the easiest container varieties include herbs, salad greens, and tomatoes.

9. Just about anything can  be used as a container - just be sure there's enough room for soil and plant roots, and that there's good drainage.

10. Did you know you can grow corn in a container? Try 'On Deck'! Plant 9 evenly-spaced seeds in a 24" container, and expect to harvest in about 2 months.

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Container Herbs

On-Deck Corn

May 19, 2021
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