How to Use a Tomato Cage

How to Use a Tomato Cage

For the best tomato yields, you should always stake or cage your plants. Emerging fruits will benefit from improved air circulation, fewer ground pest problems and less stem breakage—giving you a bigger, better harvest!

Place your support when you transplant seedlings or up to 2 weeks after transplanting. Watch just how simple it is to set up your tomato cage:


Step 1
To assemble the cage, just pop it open! (In this video, we’re using the XL Pro Series Cage.)

Step 2
Center the cage over your plant and press the legs into the soil. This cage will support your plant as it grows.

Step 3
Need to add an extender? Snap all four couplers to the bottom of your extender and attach to the cage, and then follow your instructions to secure locks onto the couplers. 

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June 18, 2021
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