How to Thin Seedlings

How to Thin Seedlings

When growing from seed, it’s important to thin your seedlings. “Thinning” is when you remove crowded seedlings so the healthiest, strongest ones have room for their roots to properly develop.

Watch the best way to thin seedlings – all you need is a pair of scissors!

Step 1
Check your seed packet to make sure you thin plants according to the recommended spacing. You should thin seedlings when they have 1-2 sets of leaves.

Step 2
Use scissors to snip weak or crowded seedlings at the soil line. Snipping, rather than pulling, ensures you don’t damage the roots of the remaining seedlings.

That’s all there is to it! Use this same method whether thinning indoors or outdoors.

When it’s time to transplant indoor-started plants into the garden bed, make sure to harden them off – check out this how-to video!

June 18, 2021
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