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October 1 to October 31 - Discover what you should be doing right now. Our experts share gardening advice, techniques, news, and ideas to make your garden the best ever.

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1.) Change of Temperatures Means Changing Out Your Warm Season Garden

1. Change of temperatures means changing out your warm season garden annuals and plant cool season flowers, herbs and vegetables. Learn how to grow tasty herbs, beautiful petunias, and sow cold weather vegetables in Florida.

2.) Football Parties, Harvest Dinners? Greet Your Guests with Color

2. Football parties, harvest dinners? Greet your guests with a variety of cool season, colorful flowers for your Fall entry garden beds, containers, and hanging baskets. Then enjoy special selections of easy-to grow salad greens for your family get-togethers favorite meals.

  • Salad Greens
    Salad Greens
    With a mix of distinct, rich flavors and cold-hardy varieties, salad greens make perfect cool-season crops for your garden. Choose from our fast-growing lettuce, increasingly popular microgreens, appe
  • Pansies
    Pansies make bright companion plants and are easy to grow in pots or your kitchen garden. Sow indoors before last frost and in midsummer.
  • Petunias
    Shop high-quality petunia seeds & plants available at Burpee. Our fast growing petunia seeds come in spreading, trailing and mounded varieties that flourish in beds, containers or as border flowers in any garden. Find a wide variety of organic and hybrid mixes and collections of petunia seeds in stock at Burpee seeds.

3.) School is In! Easy Instructions on How To Grow Fall Favorites

3. School is in! No need for lots of homework. Easy to grow instructions on how to grow your favorite herbs and lettuce.

4.) Orange is Perfect For October Gardens

4. Orange is the perfect color for October gardens! Check out these flowering Crocosmia bulbs that don’t need refrigeration to bloom in Florida.

  • Begonia, On Top Sunglow, , large
  • Crocosmia, Orange Pekoe , , large
  • Crocosmia, Abundant Joy, , large

5.) Can’t Make It Home For The Holidays?

5.Can’t make it home for the holidays? Let your family and friends know you love them by sending special gifts that remind them that you wish you could be there!

  • Amaryllis
    Find extra-large Amaryllis flowers that are vibrantly colored and easy to care for at Burpee. Grow breathtaking Amaryllis with brilliant color and spectacular beauty with Amaryllis seeds and bulbs available at competitive prices at
  • Ornaments & Decorations
    Ornaments & Decorations
    Ornaments & Decorations
  • Gift Sets
    Gift Sets
    Gift Sets