About Burpee

Woman with a basket of vegetables - Burpee GardeningWoman with a basket of vegetables - Burpee Gardening
Various images of Burpee Plants and CatalogVarious images of Burpee Plants and Catalog

About Us

Burpee offers a broad range of novel and traditional vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, perennials, and quality gardening supplies. We know from experience that each gardener has individual goals and tastes, and no two gardens are alike.

Our Promise

Generations of customers have trusted Burpee to deliver the highest quality products and service. Gardeners rely on Burpee to for reliable plant information and how-to tips that make gardening easier and more successful. We guarantee every product that we sell and are committed to the satisfaction and success of all gardeners.

Since our founding in 1876, Burpee has introduced countless new vegetable, flower, herb and fruit varieties – including the original ‘Iceberg’ lettuce (1894), the first white marigold (1976) and the biggest beefsteak tomato ever bred (2014). To this day, our historic home at Fordhook Farm in rural Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is a trial ground for coming breakthrough varieties.

Our longtime slogan says it best: Burpee Seeds Grow. Our seeds germinate up to 35% over required state and federal minimums and are always non-GMO. Our plants have large, well-established roots and ship to all USDA growing zones at the optimal time for the location of your garden.

We promise to be your trusted partner through every step of your gardening journey. Let’s grow together!

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