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Trusted since 1876, Non GMO, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, USDA Organic - Burpee SeedsTrusted since 1876, Non GMO, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, USDA Organic - Burpee Seeds

From our farm to yours!

A handpicked selection of conventional, heirloom, and certified organic seed varieties are now available in larger quantities for market growers, and community-supported agriculture (CSA) farmers!


For nearly 150 years, Burpee has been a trusted name with gardeners. Since 1876, our commitment to quality and innovation has made us a beacon for horticulture enthusiasts worldwide.


Cool Weather Crops


Organic Seeds

The Cream of the Crops

Farmer's rows of vibrant flowers and vegetables

We test our seeds again and again to ensure they meet the highest standards for germination, beyond state and federal requirements. Chosen for ease of care, high yields and consistency, these hybrids, non-GMO heirlooms, organic selections and top producers will be a welcome sight at your stand this year.

Farmer's rows of vibrant flowers and vegetablesFarmer's rows of vibrant flowers and vegetables

Eye-Catching Produce

Eye Catching Produce

Since produce at the market must look as good as it tastes, you’ll find an array of vivid hues, as well as uniform shapes and sizes that fit beautifully in your bins. In our trials, our expert horticulturalists develop new plants that deliver peak flavors, incredible textures and the vitamins and nutrients local consumers are looking for. These flavors can’t be bought at most grocery stores!



Burpee Bred


Burpee Exclusive


Product Spotlight

‘Bodacious’ Tomato

Close up of Tomato's for Bulk Seeds

Lovingly bred by Burpee, these large, round, vibrant, pure-red 10–12 oz. fruits entice with heirloom aromatics and tangy tomato sweetness. Compact 5–6 vines yield 8–10 spectacular fruits a week and a bold, audacious 40–50 per season, per plant. ‘Bodacious’ tomatoes grow in large clusters—easy to pick and no cracking. Excellent “laugh-off-blight” resistance.

Close up of Tomato's for Bulk SeedsClose up of Tomato's for Bulk Seeds
Winter Squash - Hasta La Pasta Winter Squash - Hasta La Pasta

Product Spotlight

‘Hasta La Pasta’ Winter Squash

Winter Squash - Hasta La Pasta

This Burpee Exclusive is 6-8" long and 4-5" across, a single squash is perfect for a family meal. Compact plants yield huge crops, more than any other variety. High in vitamin A.


Product Spotlight

‘Jua Maya’ Sunflower

Jua Maya Sunflower Bulk Flower Seeds

From seed to vase time is from 45 to 50 days. We are knocked out by this gorgeous, picture-perfect, vase-ready sunflower with deep golden yellow flowers circling a pure black center. A pollen free hybrid, the fast-growing plants - 45 days from seed to vase - can be sown three times in a single summer.

Jua Maya Sunflower Bulk Flower SeedsJua Maya Sunflower Bulk Flower Seeds

Product Spotlight

‘Midnight Moon’ Eggplant

Midnight Moon

Here’s the one you want — it’s the finest eggplant we’ve seen in years! Ripens earlier than ‘Black Beauty’, with the creamy white, nearly seedless flesh of ‘Early Midnight’. Big yields of voluptuous rounded fruits.


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