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From Garden to Bouquets

Imagine being surrounded by your favorite flowers, their stems just waiting to snipped. Planting a cutting garden is easier than you might think! From planning out your plot in winter to gathering and displaying blooms in spring, summer and fall, a cut-flower garden allows you to cultivate joy throughout the seasons.

Live the Dream

The path to cut flowers starts with a vision—and a little planning! Think about what forms and colors speak to your soul. Then, pick out a few to spotlight in each part of the growing season—you can enjoy arranging a succession of showstoppers from spring all the way through fall.

Explore Cut Flowers For Every Season

Spring blooms - Burpee SeedsSpring blooms - Burpee Seeds

Spring Blooms

Spring Blooms

After months of gloom and grey, spring bursts onto the scene with new life in the garden and a fresh color palette to match. Delphiniums, stocks, poppies and verbascums enchant your senses with vivid hues and luxuriant fragrances. As the weather heats up, these delicate blooms fade, so soak up every bit of spring’s ephemeral beauty, both in the garden and bouquets galore.

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Spring Flowers

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Summer Blooms

Summer Blooms

Warmer temperatures beckon a new flock of flowers with colors and shapes as fun as the summer days they inhabit. Decked out in all manner of shades, the radiant faces of sunflowers, zinnias, and coneflowers seem to smile, while gomphrena explodes like fireworks on the Fourth of July. Their bright bouquets are a perfect match for all your high-spirited backyard hangs.

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Sunflowers being harvested - Burpee bouquetsSunflowers being harvested - Burpee bouquets

Strawflower bouquets - Burpee GardeningStrawflower bouquets - Burpee Gardening

Late Summer & Early Fall Blooms

Fall flowers

There's no reason to be sad as summer days begin to shorten—there's backup on the way! Late summer and early fall welcome vibrant strawflowers and dahlias, richly textured ornamental grass and luminous Shasta daisies. Their dynamic displays embrace the heat and see you through the first frost, offering plentiful bouquet-worthy flowers atop strong stems.

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Bouquets by Burpee

With all the flowers in our Fordhook Farm test gardens, our staff can’t help but pick a few favorites—and turn them into spectacular bouquets! We hope the surprising combinations and thoughtful color palettes provide inspiration as you plan your own cut-flower garden.

Sow a Smile

sow a smile bouquett

Long-blooming varieties like zinnias and coreopsis mean you’ll have flowers all summer. With such bright blooms and cheerful colors, you can’t help but smile when you look at this bouquet!

-Phil B

Burpee Marketing Team

Sunflower bouquet - Burpee SeedsSunflower bouquet - Burpee Seeds

Instant Karma

instant karma bouquet

Channeling the moon, the stars and the sun in this “Instant Karma” bouquet. Good things happen when you plant a seed.


Burpee Creative Team

Sunflower bouquet - Burpee SeedsSunflower bouquet - Burpee Seeds

Aflutter with Color

Aflutter with color bouquet

The mix of these Burpee cut flower favorites provide a variety of colors and textures. Lovely, continuous blooms and long lasting stems create a standout summer bouquet.


Burpee Fordhook Farm Team

FLower bouquets - Burpee GardeningFLower bouquets - Burpee Gardening

Cut Flower Tips

Burpee BouquetsBurpee Bouquets

How to Cut a Bouquet of Flowers

Cut flower basics - Burpee GardeningCut flower basics - Burpee Gardening

Cut Flower Basics

Perennial bouquets - Burpee GardeningPerennial bouquets - Burpee Gardening

Perennials as Cut Flowers From Your Garden

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