Swiss Chard Seeds

Heat-tolerant and easy to grow, Swiss chard boasts hearty leaves that can serve as a spinach alternative and colorful stems that are delicious sautéed or roasted. They’re also an excellent source of Vitamins K, A and C.

  1. Swiss Chard, Bright Lights
    Swiss Chard, Bright Lights
    All-America Selections winner. A rainbow of color in a seed packet.
    As low as $5.45


  2. Swiss Chard, Fordhook Giant
    Swiss Chard, Fordhook Giant
    HEIRLOOM. Dark green, thick, tender leaves. Heavy yield even in hot weather.
    $3.95 - $19.95
    As low as $3.95

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  3. Swiss Chard, Burpee's Rhubarb
    Swiss Chard, Burpee's Rhubarb
    HEIRLOOM. Crimson stalks with glossy green, crinkled leaves.
    As low as $4.95


  4. Swiss Chard, Red Magic Hybrid
    Swiss Chard, Red Magic Hybrid
    Gorgeous all-red chard grows as fast as you can harvest it.


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