Corn Seeds

Available in a rainbow of hues and a wide range of sweetness, find the right corn for every need: from eating on the cob to popping to displaying as ornamentals. And yes, you can grow corn in a patio container! (Check out the On Deck hybrid, a Burpee exclusive.)

  1. Popcorn, Strawberry
    Popcorn, Strawberry
    HEIRLOOM. Delicious and decorative ruby-red popcorn.


  2. Corn, Country Gentleman
    Corn, Country Gentleman
    HEIRLOOM. From 1890, this unusual white corn has irregular rows and great flavor.


  3. Corn, Kandy Korn (SE)  Hybrid
    Corn, Kandy Korn (SE) Hybrid
    Outstanding for long, late harvest.
    $4.95 - $11.95

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