Celery Seeds

The ultimate in fresh garden crunch, homegrown celery puts store-bought varieties to shame with its verdant flavor and aroma. Tip: Start seeds indoors once temperatures have warmed, so crops mature in the fall.

  1. Celery, Tall Utah 52-70R Improved
    Celery, Tall Utah 52-70R Improved
    The most dependable variety ever!
    As low as $4.45


  2. Celery, Tango Hybrid
    Celery, Tango Hybrid
    Breakthrough variety offers better flavor and bigger yields.
    $4.95 - $6.95

    Seeds & Seeds

  3. Celeriac, Brilliant
    Celeriac, Brilliant
    HEIRLOOM. Long-storing favorite for soups and sauces.


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