Burpee's 2018 Innovative Breakthroughs

It’s our 142nd year and the innovative breakthroughs keep on coming. Based on our foundation of pioneering genetics such as ‘Golden Bantam’, the first yellow sweet corn; ‘Iceberg’, the first crisphead lettuce; ‘Snowball’, the first white marigold; ‘Fordhook’, the first bush lima bean; and ‘Ruby Queen’, the first red sweet corn, we launch 2018’s new varieties, some of which you will find described below.

Heading the lineup of breakthrough new items for Bucks County, PA-based Burpee for 2018 is ‘Atlas’, a first-ever beefsteak tomato for porches and decks in warm, sunny conditions everywhere. The 'Forecast' , a beautiful colorful blooming zinnia that lasts all summer long.

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Tomato, Atlas Hybrid

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Zinnia, Forecast

Burpee’s Top 24 for 2018:
  • Tomato, Atlas Hybrid: Burpee Exclusive Beefsteak Tomato • Harvest big, tasty, “patio” beefsteaks right outside your door! Bushy, compact ‘Atlas’ plants shoulder bountiful loads of 1 lb. tomatoes. Vigorous, neatly growing, paragon of the patio combines contemporary needs with old-time flavor. First-ever beefsteaks for porches and decks in warm, sunny conditions everywhere. 65 Days • Semi-determinate.
  • Sunflower, Sunray Yellow Hybrid: Burpee Exclusive Sunflower• Small plants—big smiles! Uniquely dwarf plants branch out to bear up to fourteen 4" flowers each. The fun of sunflowers without the towering height. So easy to grow from seed, we suggest you plant in succession to have flowers all summer! Ideal in patio containers and stunningly attractive in beds and borders. Height: 20–22" • Spread: 20" • Annual.
  • Zinnia, Forecast: Burpee Exclusive Zinnia. The ‘Forecast’ is, “Zinnias all summer!” Long lasting zinnia blooms endlessly and continues to thrive in virtually any conditions. Mildew resistance makes it the ideal choice for damp, cool areas like the Pacific Northwest. Pink, orange or purple petals surround bright-yellow stamen for a 2" across bloom. No matter the weather, our ‘Forecast’ says gorgeous zinnias, all summer long. Height: 24–30" • Spread: 20–24" • Annual.
  • Pepper, Sweet, Jungle Parrot: Burpee Exclusive Sweet Pepper • Adorable, beaklike pepper whose small size and high yield make it perfect for large patio tubs. Sweet and delicious fresh from the vine or as stuffed appetizers. Attractive, 2' by 21/2', inverted-triangular plants make it the “perfect patio picking pepper”. Green or red, ‘Jungle Parrot’ will delight the kids. 75 Days.
  • Tomato, Shimmer Hybrid: Burpee Exclusive Plum Tomato • Don’t shy away from ‘Shimmer’. She yields 300–350 fruits in a season! Precious plum is larger than a cherry but smaller than a Roma, with green stripes, touches of shimmering bronze-gold, unique almond shape and sweet, succulent flavor. Color your salads with greens and golds, or enjoy snack-sized fruit fresh from the vine. 70–80 Days.
  • Morning Glory, Party Dress: Burpee Exclusive Morning Glory • This 2–3" diameter belle of the ball is eager to show off her frock, arriving at the festivities early, flowering weeks before her peers. ‘Party Dress’ will spiral up a trellis or garden fence in no time and keep the color spinning all summer long, as irresistible magenta blooms with white centers adorn her petite form. Height: 6–7' • Spread: 51/2–61/2' • Annual.
  • Pepper, Sweet, Confetti Hybrid: Burpee Exclusive Sweet Pepper • ‘Confetti’ showers joy—from its eye-catching, variegated leaves to its sweet, thin-walled, chameleon-colored fruit. Guests are sure to ask about your pretty, new “shrubs”: watch their faces as they discover the fruit! Petite 2 oz. peppers ripen from green-striped to red—perfect for eating fresh at any stage. Best for containers or small spaces. 55 Days.
  • Marigold, Mission Giant Yellow: Burpee Exclusive Marigold • Lively, lemon yellow, mum-like, 2–3" diameter-sized flowers sing your garden into summer. This reselected heirloom from the Burpee seed vault brings a bounty of brightness to the back of a flower garden and indoors as a cut flower. Reaching a height of 24–34", these flourish best with staking. Height: 24–34" • Spread: 24–30" • Annual.
  • Cauliflower, Fioretto 60: Cauliflower • Unique, small florets (hence its name) sprout atop long, thin, succulent stems. Amazing, nut-like flavor—sweeter than large-head cauliflowers—‘Fioretto’ is a true delicacy. Plants mature super-fast and produce a cauliflower that stays crunchy through cooking. Pick stems and flowers to eat fresh, grill, sauté or stir fry. 60 Days.
  • Sunflower, Fire Catcher: Burpee Exclusive Sunflower • Fill your home with warm, radiant bouquets. Fiery, bicolor, 5" diameter sunflower with yellow, deep orange-red and scarlet blooms are perfect for dramatic arrangements. Pair with ‘Sallyfun Blue Emotion’ salvia for a fabulous display in a vase. Height: 4–5' • Spread: 12–18" • Annual.

  • Pepper, Hot, Ring Leader Hybrid: Burpee Exclusive Hot Pepper • Early ripening, this prolific new pepper runs rings around other jalapeños! Let ‘Ring Leader’ be your summer-long source for tasty jalapeño rings in Southwest recipes and salads, and on burgers and tacos. Fantastic stuffed or pickled, too. Disease-resistant plants yield heavy harvests of 4" peppers from early to late season. 55 Days.

  • Zinnia, Queen Lime with Blush: Zinnia • Our queen’s subtle elegance resembles a watercolor painting and her 3–4" blooms serve as a starter for countless flower arrangements. Pairs well in bouquets with the graceful, ‘Snowy Spires’ verbascum, or the nostalgic ‘Mint Cocoa’ lisianthus. Height: 18–26" • Spread: 24–28" • Annual.

  • Cosmos, Lemonade: Burpee Exclusive Cosmos • Quench your thirst for color with ‘Lemonade’! Fresh yellow petals with white centers float like butterflies in the breeze. Expert gardeners know that pale-yellow in planting schemes makes for harmony with other colors and adds a dash of sophistication to the palette. Wonderful for containers or cottage garden borders. Graceful, elegant and beautiful. Height: 20–24" • Spread: 14–18" • Annual.

  • Cucumber, Lunchbox Hybrid: Burpee Exclusive Cucumber • Prepare for cascades of delicious cukes! Picked small for lunchtime snacks and picnics, or grown full-sized to 71/2" for salads and dips, ‘Lunchbox’ saves you a bundle at the supermarket, yielding enough for the neighborhood. Bears as many as 30 cukes at each harvest for a total of 130–140 for the season. That’s a big lunchbox! Disease-resistant, easy to grow. 50–53 Days

  • Vinca, Tattoo Papaya: Burpee Exclusive Vinca • Like an exotic tattoo, dark centers harmonize with vibrant-colored petals to make a head-turning combination unlike anything we’ve seen. Well suited for pairing with purple flowers such as ‘Black & Blue’ salvia. For the best results, grow these beauties in pots, where their originality is sure to leave a mark. Height: 14–18" • Spread: 12–16" • Annual • Also available in ‘Tattoo Raspberry’.

  • Verbascum, Snowy Spires: Burpee Exclusive Verbascum • Crisp, purewhite florets dance atop lush, green foliage with this stately perennial. Long a country charmer, verbascum has gained elegance and sophistication with Burpee’s breeding. The floral spikes punctuate your perennial beds with a graceful presence, and add a romantic touch of white to bouquets. Height: 12–24" • Spread: 20–30" • Zones: 6–8 • Perennial.

  • Pepper, Sweet, Stuff Enuff Hybrid: Burpee Exclusive Sweet Pepper • Start saving your breadcrumbs: this one will take some stuffing! ‘Stuff Enuff’ yields loads of colossal fruit in little space. With improved tolerance to heat and various soils as well as resistance to diseases, ‘Stuff Enuff’ will make even the beginner feel like a Master Gardener. Whopping 14 oz. fruits turn from green to red as they mature. This is ‘Stuff Enuff’! 75 Days.

  • Hot Pepper, Orange Pepperoncini: Burpee Exclusive Hot Pepper • Pepperoncini is one of the oldest Italian pepper varieties, and it’s still popular. Our new orange breed is 31/2" long with savory low-to-medium heat. Small plants yield big harvests of yellow fruits that turn orange as the sweet flavor intensifies. Excellent pickled, sliced on pizza, or eaten fresh in salads or sandwiches. 77 Days.

  • Cucumber, Bragger Hybrid: Burpee Exclusive Cucumber • Enjoy sweet summer bliss with our new, never-bitter cucumber! Bountiful, adaptable plants produce sweet, crunchy cukes by the bushel—as many as 65–70 fruit per plant. Thrives from the dry deserts of California to the warm, humid East Coast. Easy to grow. Fruits are sweet fresh or pickled. 45 Days.

  • Sunflower, Sun-Fill Green Hybrid: Sunflower • Flower arrangement enthusiasts will be all over this unique selection! The colorful corona of the calyx—the spikey leaves at the base of the flower—is the show here. Delightfully unique sunflower will entice kids and adventurous gardeners. Cut flowers early before petals form for a dramatic addition to bouquets. Blooms are 3–4" in diameter. Height: 5–6' • Spread: 12–24" • Annual Also available in ‘Sun-Fill Purple’.

  • Zinnia, Garnet Treasure Hybrid: Burpee Exclusive Zinnia • Have an endless bounty of enormous, doubleflowering zinnias in your garden this year. Nicely sized plants are covered with 3–4" wide blooms all season. Bring them inside for bouquets or enjoy their rich color for weeks in the garden. Height: 18–26" • Spread: 24–28" • Annual Also available in ‘Gold Treasure’.

  • Watermelon, Piccolo Hybrid: Burpee Exclusive Watermelon • Refreshing flavor in its own picnic package! Pop these little cuties into the refrigerator for a quick snack or bring a bunch on a family outing. Mini 5" by 5" seedless watermelon is easy to grow and adaptable to a variety of conditions. Vigorous plants produce up to six delectable 4 lb. super sweet fruits. 80 Days.

  • Celosia, King Coral: Burpee Exclusive Celosia • ‘King Coral’ reigns supreme. A sea of wondrous texture gives a spectacular, dreamy display. Each small plant produces one king-sized, coral-pink, velvety head up to a foot in diameter that glows all season long. Fantastic as a border or in small beds as accent plants. Grow a few tubs on the patio for a show-stopping conversation piece. Height: 8–10" • Spread: 12–14" • Annual

  • Eggplant, Behold Hybrid: Burpee Exclusive Eggplant • Beautiful to behold, this new eggplant looks as luscious as it tastes. Fruits are 4" by 8" in violet-purple with white stripes, with tender skin, few seeds, and a very sweet, non-bitter flavor. For marinating or grilling whole. 60 Days.

Burpee: Always Non-GMO

American gardeners continue to ask “Does Burpee sell GMO seeds?” The answer is always the same: “Burpee never has and never will purchase GMO seed for our products.” Gardeners can find Burpee’s non-GMO flower and vegetable plants and seeds at www.burpee.com. The company’s website also offers free garden resources, articles, how-to videos and garden supplies.

Burpee: Innovating for 142 Years

Since 1876, Burpee has provided American gardeners with breakthrough varieties of flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruits. The company brought to the marketplace the breeding of ‘Iceberg’ lettuce (1894); introduced the world to the first yellow sweet corn (1902); introduced the ‘Fordhook’ lima bean (1907); invented the breakthrough ‘Big Boy’ hybrid tomato (1948); the first white marigold (1976); and the ‘Sugar Snap’ pea (1979), among hundreds of other innovations.

Burpee Full List of 2018 New Offerings.


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