A Revolution in Resolutions: Burpee's New Year's Resolution Garden



WARMINSTER, Pa. - (BUSINESS WIRE – December 15, 2009) - Many people make New Year's resolutions but most do not adhere to them, and according to the nation's leading home gardening purveyor the solution can be found in a few packets of seeds.

A recently completed survey by W. Atlee Burpee & Co. reveals that most people believe gardening has benefits identical to many popular resolutions, such as losing weight, getting more exercise and making healthful food choices for the family.

In time for New Year's Day, the company, based in Warminster, PA, is introducing its NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION GARDEN, comprised of a series of seed packets each addressing a specific resolution. The idea is the brainchild of Burpee chairman, George Ball, who created the highly successful Money Garden last year that made it easier for first time gardeners to plant their own vegetables. Various Resolution Gardens will also be available on Burpee's popular website, www.burpee.com.

"A garden inspires positive changes in nearly every area of one's life," Mr. Ball says, "and we expect this New Year's Garden to be highly successful in helping people comply with their resolutions."

Among the resolutions the garden addresses is a Lose Weight garden offering vegetable varieties with high water content to fill you up with very few calories. This is consistent, according to Mr. Ball, with the volumetrics system developed by Dr. Barbara Rolls.

Other resolutions covered by the variations of its garden include stress reduction, better nutrition, more exercise, eco-friendly living, saving money and spending quality time with family. They are all included in the flagship pack for the collection, called Burpee's New Year's Resolution Garden. It is specially priced at $10.

More information on Burpee's New Year's Resolution Garden and the Resolution Garden collection is available at www.burpee.com.






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