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From that dreamy field in “The Wizard of Oz” to the heady fragrances of fine perfumes, perennial poppies loom large in our culture — and they can in your garden, too, year after year. Excellent for use in containers and the garden, these big, silky petals are also superb for cutting.

  1. California Poppy, Yukon Gold
    California Poppy, Yukon Gold
    Welcome a supremely lovely new California poppy variety ready to add pizazz to your own super-blooming tapestry.
    As low as $4.95


  2. Poppy, Brilliant Red (Oriental)
    Poppy, Brilliant Red (Oriental)
    Makes a striking display in the late spring garden.
    $4.45 - $13.95
    As low as $13.95

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  3. Poppy, Pattys Plum
    Poppy, Pattys Plum
    Most sought after Oriental poppy.
    As low as $13.95

    Bare Root

  4. Poppy, Meadow Pastels
    Poppy, Meadow Pastels
    Large-flowered pastel colored blooms.
    As low as $27.95


  5. Poppy, Oriental Poppy Mix
    Poppy, Oriental Poppy Mix
    HEIRLOOM. Large flowers, scarlet to pink with deep purple centers.


  6. Poppy, Allegro
    Poppy, Allegro
    Compact Oriental poppy with great garden performance.


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