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Dianthus, also known as pinks, are related to carnations and have a similar fanciful, frilled femininity. They also boast a slightly spicy, almost clove-like scent and, despite their delicate appearance, hold up well in heat, humidity and cold.

  1. Dianthus, Sweet Black Cherry Hybrid
    Dianthus, Sweet Black Cherry Hybrid
    Unleashes a steady show of fragrant, punch-colored blooms from early spring into autumn.
    $5.95 - $24.95

    Plant & Seeds

  2. Dianthus, Rockin Red
    Dianthus, Rockin Red
    A party in the garden with red, lacy flowers that bloom from early spring well into fall.

    Bare Root

  3. Dianthus, Georgia Peach Pie
    Dianthus, Georgia Peach Pie
    A superb dianthus with very large, fragrant flowers.


  4. Dianthus, Arctic Fire
    Dianthus, Arctic Fire
    Low spreading flowers are perfect for borders, edgings and ground covers.


  5. Dianthus, Scent from Heaven Angel of Compassion
    Dianthus, Scent from Heaven Angel of Compassion
    Enchants the perennial border with vivid, highly-scented blooms.


  6. Dianthus, Raspberry Surprise
    Dianthus, Raspberry Surprise
    A vintage beauty, enhanced by sturdier stalks.


  7. Dianthus, Firewitch
    Dianthus, Firewitch
    Award-winning beauty.


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