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Elevate your gardening game with Burpee’s latest and, dare we say, greatest. From sustainable solutions to peak performers, our 100+ introductions blend tradition with fresh approaches to enrich your garden sanctuary like never before.


State Fair Mix ZinniaState Fair Mix Zinnia

Burpee Exclusive

‘Ultra Violet’ Corn

ultra violet corn - burpee new

Color in every crunch. ‘Ultra Violet’s vivid palette of colorful kernels offers a spectrum of distinct, delicious flavors. Lighter kernels deliver a delicate, sweet flavor nicely complemented by the bolder flavors in hues of dark-violet. Pick these beauties early, before they darken and are overripe.


Burpee Exclusive

‘Mission Giant Orange’ Marigold

mission giant flower - burpee

Outsize mum-like 3" radiant orange-yellow flowers add jubilant charm to the non-stop marigold fiesta. ‘Mission Giant’s 3' plants create an oasis of luminous color and fluffy texture in beds and borders. Continuous show of vibrant blooms beginning midsummer until first frost.

A person holding eggplants - Burpee GardeningA person holding eggplants - Burpee Gardening
Burpee ZinniaBurpee Zinnia

Burpee Exclusive

‘Makah Ozette’ Potato

Burpee Makah Ozette Potato

Legendary Native American potato, rarely encountered in recent years, is here for your delectation. Astonishingly high ratio of ultra-flavorful skin to rich, luscious, nutty flesh. Our research gardeners’ favorite potato.


Burpee Exclusive

‘Desire Red’ Sunflower

desire red flower - burpee

Prepare to be seduced by a sunflower. Bold wine-red petals circle a deep-burgundy center, with dramatically matching stems and veins. Dwarf plants are equally suited to borders and containers. The enchanting colors arrive early and continue well into autumn. 2023 gold medal Fleuroselect winner. Burpee Bred.

A person holding eggplants - Burpee GardeningA person holding eggplants - Burpee Gardening
Burpee Supreme Pepper on CounterBurpee Supreme Pepper on Counter

Burpee Exclusive

‘Supreme’ Sweet Pepper

Burpee Supreme Pepper

One tough stuffer. Our handsome heavyweight weighs in at nearly 10 ounces per pepper and handles the heartiest fillings. The sturdy skin holds up just as well fried or grilled. In our trials at Fordhook Farm, the shapely fruit earned high praise for its expansive size and depth of flavor.



Burpee's Fresh Picks

Burpee golden beauty gaillardiaBurpee golden beauty gaillardia

Burpee Exclusive

‘Golden Beauty’ Gaillardia

Burpee golden beauty gaillardia

A burst of pure yellow soars atop high, straight stalks. The first gaillardia of their kind and color, with plump double flowers that cheer up beds, even in drought.


A New Favorite

‘First Taste’ Sweet Pepper

Burpee First Taste Pepper

No nibbler can resist our new snackable sweet pepper with a bright burst of flavor and exhilarating crunch. Prolific plants grow heavy with glowing orange fruit, the color signaling high amounts of carotenoids believed to benefit eye health. Matures early, so you won't need to wait long for a first bite. Burpee Bred

Mammoth sunflowerMammoth sunflower
Burpee Saku Saku CabbageBurpee Saku Saku Cabbage

Get to Know

‘Saku Saku’ Cabbage

stringless bean bush - Burpee

Exceptionally flattened, round variety flourishing delicate broad leaves bursts with flavorful sugars and welcome tints of tartness. Nutrient-packed cabbage brings fresh flavor and texture to soups, stews and slaws.


All Eyes On

‘Butterbaby’ Butternut, Squash

Butterbaby Butternut Squash

Mini-butternut squashes burst with savory-sweet flavor. Nicely sized at 1-1½ lbs, orange fruits are just right for one or two servings. Serve stuffed or roasted to create flavorful magic. While at their best in-ground, prolific wonders enthusiastically climb towers and trellises.

Mammoth sunflowerMammoth sunflower
Honey Apricot RoseHoney Apricot Rose

We Love

‘Flavorette Honey Apricot’ Rose

Honey Apricot - Burpee

Luscious rose that tastes as good as it looks—really! Plentiful petals are ready to impart salads and desserts with their sweet and fruity flavor all summer long. Bloom continuously without deadheading. Bright-green leaves and a mounding habit supply extra landscape appeal.


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