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What a summer delight it is when the breeze hits just right and carries the fresh, crisp scent of planted mint across the yard. This garden classic comes in citrus, tropical and chocolate varieties, as well as ones ideal for making Mojitos or mint juleps.

  1. Mint, Spearmint
    Mint, Spearmint
    Leaves impart flavor to iced drinks, sauces, vegetables and lamb.
    $4.45 - $16.95
    As low as $4.45

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  2. Mint, Peppermint
    Mint, Peppermint
    Purple-tinged leaves are used in teas and iced drinks.
    $8.32 - $16.95

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  3. Mint, Pineapple
    Mint, Pineapple
    Fruity fragrance for use in mint sauces, teas, salads, and iced drinks.
    $8.32 - $16.95

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  4. Mint, Peppermint Chocolate
    Mint, Peppermint Chocolate
    Leaves add peppermint-patty flavor to teas, ice cream, and iced drinks
    $8.32 - $16.95

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  5. Mint, Orange
    Mint, Orange
    Green leaves tinged with red are used in teas, salads and iced drinks.
    $8.32 - $16.95

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  6. Mint, Mojito
    Mint, Mojito
    This variety was discovered in Cuba.


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Popular Spearmint Plants

Spearmint is a species of mint that is used for herbal teas, food flavoring, medicines, candy, and its aromatic oil. Other names for spearmint include common mint, garden mint, lamb mint and mackerel mint.

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