Chives Seeds & Plants

Resilient and incredibly easy to grow, sun-loving chives add a mild onion flavor as a topping for salad, potatoes, soups and more. Left to flower, it produces a very pretty garden bloom with a surprisingly sweet scent and is a favorite of pollinators.

  1. Chives, Garlic Geisha
    Chives, Garlic Geisha
    $3.95 - $17.95

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  2. Chives, Allion
    Chives, Allion
    Perennial plants produce ever-larger crops delicious chive greens and mini-onions.


  3. Chives
    Cut leaves for salads, potatoes, soups.
    $3.95 - $15.95
    As low as $3.95

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  4. Chives, Garlic
    Chives, Garlic
    Flavor is midway between garlic and onion.
    $4.95 - $4.95
    As low as $4.95

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