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Cats love this tasty treat, which provides essential vitamins and folic acids and aids in digestion. It’s incredibly easy to grow indoors or outside.

  1. Cat Grass, Zumula
    Cat Grass, Zumula
    Cats really, really like eating this plant.
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Cat Grass FAQs 

What is Cat Grass?

Cat grass is a variety of grass grown from barley, rye, wheat, flax, or oat seeds. For cats, eating grass can provide numerous benefits such as Vitamin A, D and Chlorophyll which is a natural infection & pain remedy. Cat grass can also help animals with digestive issues by acting as a laxative. Many cat grass seeds can be grown as an indoor or outdoor variety.

Is Cat Grass Safe for Cats to Eat?

Generally, cat grass is safer to eat than outdoor grass as it is not treated with pesticides as many outdoor grasses are. It can also be safer to eat than many household plants & flowers which can be harmful to cats.

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