Heirloom Cucumber Seeds

Try Burpee's Lemon Cucumber sliced for salads or our Straight Eight for all season.

  1. Cucumber, Straight Eight
    Cucumber, Straight Eight
    HEIRLOOM. A cucumber superstar, this classic has excellent flavor and is widely adapted.
    $4.95 - $9.95
    As low as $4.95

    Seeds & Farmer’s Market Seed

  2. Cucumber, Mexican Sour Gherkin
    Cucumber, Mexican Sour Gherkin
    HEIRLOOM. Tiny, sweet treats with a delightful sour tang.
    As low as $4.45


  3. Cucumber, Lemon
    Cucumber, Lemon
    HEIRLOOM. Lemon yellow cucumbers are tender and sweet, excellent for salads and pickling.
    $3.95 - $5.95
    As low as $3.95

    Seeds & Seeds

  4. Cucumber, Suyo Long
    Cucumber, Suyo Long
    HEIRLOOM. Crisp, bright-tasting burpless cucumber.
    As low as $3.95


  5. Cucumber, Parisian
    Cucumber, Parisian
    HEIRLOOM. A cuke with thick flesh and few seeds.
    As low as $3.95


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