Greenhouses & Cold Frames

Shelter seedlings and plants in one of these durable structures to stretch your gardening season – or grow year-round. A greenhouse lets in the sunshine while protecting against unpredictable weather.

  1. Year-Round Cold-Frame
    Year-Round Cold-Frame
    A mini greenhouse designed for all seasons.
    As low as $199.95


  2. Bio-Star 1500 Premium Cold Frame
    Bio-Star 1500 Premium Cold Frame
    Start seeds and plants earlier than ever.
    As low as $429.95


  3. Junior Victorian Greenhouse
    Junior Victorian Greenhouse
    Garden year-round!
    $7899 - $8999
    As low as $8,999.00

    Merchandise & Merchandise & Merchandise

  4. Riga Greenhouse
    Riga Greenhouse
    Designed for strength and durability: the ultimate hobby greenhouse!
    $5999 - $7999
    As low as $5,999.00

    Merchandise & Merchandise & Merchandise

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Greenhouse Favorites

Greenhouses are perfect to help grow your seeds and plants in your home backyard and are also used for commercial use. Greenhouses come in a variety of sizes from small to large greenhouse dimensions with beautiful and durable designs.

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