Currant Plants

Not to be confused with dried grapes (sometimes also called currants), these little fruits can deliciously double for most any other berry in pies and jams. Their slightly tart sweetness also makes them a delectable sauce ingredient for savory meats.

  1. Currant, Consort Black
    Currant, Consort Black
    Old variety great for jams and preserves.
    $18.95 - $25.95

    Plant & Bare Root

  2. Currant, Red Lake
    Currant, Red Lake
    Intense flavor. Considered the best red currant.

    Bare Root

  3. Currant, Rovada, Red, Late Season
    Currant, Rovada, Red, Late Season
    Easy-pick cultivar produces stupendous cropsof large, lovely red berries.

    Bare Root

  4. Currant, Jonkheer Van Tets, Red Early
    Currant, Jonkheer Van Tets, Red Early
    Early season red currant introduction from Holland.

    Bare Root

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Currant Fruit and their Popularity

Currant fruit (Corinth) are small berries that come in different colors from ruby red to dark purple and even a near translucent white. Currants are smaller than your common grapes, but taste much different with their tartness. Currant and Zante Currants (like a small dried raisin) are popular for snacks and desserts (tarts, scones, pies).

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