Snapdragon Seeds

With their graceful flowering spikes, snapdragons are garden chameleons: Plant them in a variety of colors — coral, blush, sunny yellow, rich purple — for a romantic cottage garden, or choose just one hue for a surprisingly sophisticated look.

  1. Snapdragon, Madame Butterfly Mix Hybrid
    Snapdragon, Madame Butterfly Mix Hybrid
    Ruffled blooms in an exquisite color mix create elegant and lush bouquets.
    $5.95 - $29.95
    As low as $5.95

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  2. Snapdragon, Cinderella Mixed Colors
    Snapdragon, Cinderella Mixed Colors
    Semidwarf plants produce erect main spikes that bloom early.


  3. Snapdragon, Tutti Frutti
    Snapdragon, Tutti Frutti
    Fun color, great for cutting too.


  4. Snapdragon, Topper Mix
    Snapdragon, Topper Mix
    Lovely blend of tall spikes and bright colors.


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