Salvia Seeds & Plants

Quick bloomers that provide rich color — scarlet red, dusky magenta, deep purple, crisp white — even in high summer heat. Their nectar-rich blooms are a favorite of pollinators.

  1. Salvia, Cathedral Series
    Salvia, Cathedral Series
    Blooms quickly and displays rich color well into late summer.
    As low as $24.95


  2. Salvia, Big Blue
    Salvia, Big Blue
    Vigorous plants send up breathtaking blooms, even in part shade.
    $7.95 - $24.95
    As low as $7.95

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  3. Salvia, Black & Blue
    Salvia, Black & Blue
    Richest blue with florets with black sepals.
    As low as $24.95


  4. Salvia, Roman Red
    Salvia, Roman Red
    Colorful beacons, flowers entice a steady stream of butterflies and bees.
    As low as $24.95


  5. Salvia, Victoria
    Salvia, Victoria
    Vibrant spikes of color.
    As low as $4.95


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