Portulaca Seeds

Roll out the floral carpet with these Central American natives, also known as sun roses or moss roses. Ground-hugging succulent leaves pop with single or mini-rose double blooms that only open in the sun — so be sure to choose a space that gets lot of it.

  1. Portulaca, Sundial Hybrid Mix
    Portulaca, Sundial Hybrid Mix
    A brilliant floral carpet.


  2. Portulaca, Color Carousel Mix
    Portulaca, Color Carousel Mix
    Fantastic double blooms in gorgeous colors.


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Popular Portulaca Plants

Portulaca flowers are very beautiful plants that are great for ground cover. Portulaca (purslanes) are found in the tropics and have between 40-100 species with beautiful flower colors ranging from pink, orange, yellow, white, purple and other fantastic blooms of color.

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