Canna Plants

Bring a hint of the tropics to your garden thanks to canna’s large, vivid blooms and lush foliage. Robust growers, cannas prefer full sun.

  1. Canna, Yellow King Humbert
    Canna, Yellow King Humbert
    Exotic large flowers with unique foliage.
    As low as $9.95


  2. Canna, Variegated Pretoria
    Canna, Variegated Pretoria
    This variegated canna adds WOW to any garden or container.
    As low as $10.95


  3. Canna, Dwarf  Mixture
    Canna, Dwarf Mixture
    Bring a tropical flavor to your garden with these sturdy plants.
    As low as $13.95


  4. Canna, The President
    Canna, The President
    Gorgeous red blooms are our most popular.


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Popular Canna Flowers

Canna plants are one of the most colorful flowers for the summer. Many of the popular canna flowers have a tropical look to them with colors of red, yellow, orange shade, rose and other mixed colors. These beautiful canna plants are ready for your garden with canna bulb and seed options.

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