How to Use Your Burpee SuperSeed Tray

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How to Use Your Burpee SuperSeed Tray

Simple Sowing!

  1. Fill your SuperSeed™ tray with seed starting mix.
  2. Poke holes into seed starting mix within each cell.
  3. Add your seeds! Put two in every cell.
  4. Thinly cover with soil. Be gentle!
  5. Water your seeds so the growing medium is moist, not soaked.
  6. Monitor daily. Once you see sprouts, place tray in a window or under grow lights. In several weeks you’ll have seedlings ready to plant in your garden!

Quick Tips for Success

Use Seed Starting Mix

Opt for a light, moisture-retaining soil mix, such as Burpee Organic Seed Starting Mix. It's designed to hold water without getting too heavy for roots to push through. Plus, it's enriched with plant food to give seedlings the nutrients they need to grow strong!

Water Evenly and Consistently

Your seeds need even moisture to germinate and grow. With too little water, they may not sprout. If oversaturated in soggy soil, they may rot from "damping off" disease. Check soil frequently to make sure it is not too wet and not too dry! Our SuperSeed™ tray is designed to retain water better than standard trays. Molded corner clots in each cell and deep channels in the watering tray also allow for better drainage and airflow, which helps prevent disease.

Transplant at the Right Time 

Once you've patiently grown and tended to your seedlings, wait to plant them outdoors until all danger of frost has passed. The SuperSeed™ tray's flexible food-grade silicone cells gently pop out, so you can transplant seedlings without damaging roots. Always acclimate your seedlings to outdoor weather before you transplant. Start by setting plants outside in a protected spot for a few hours at a time, building up their time outdoors over the course of a week.

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March 24, 2022
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