World Herb Garden

With international travel still uncertain in 2021, we'll all need to get creative to satisfy our wanderlust.  Go globe-trotting without leaving your backyard by growing a garden of bright, punchy, aromatic herbs from around the world.

Cultivating an herb garden full of fresh basil, lemongrass and cilantro turns out to be surprisingly simple and low maintenance.  With your bounty of wayfaring flavors, you can enliven your favorite recipes and experiment with new cuisines at a moment's notice.  The culinary possibilities are endless!

Flavor Your Garden Getaway




The tender and spicy leaves of this basil variety deliver bold, licorice-like flavor to your dishes.  Try them in beloved Thai basil chicken or a fragrant coconut curry loaded with vegetables from your garden.


A staple in cuisines from Mexican to Middle Eastern, fresh cilantro brightens up recipes with its distinctive and slightly citrusy flair.  Toss chopped leaves into a diverse array of salsas, salads and seafood recipes.


The sweet, subtle taste of lavender can be just as heavenly as its scent - especially when added to baked goods.  To transport yourself to England, whip up a batch of lemon-lavender shortbread cookies and add extra sprigs of the herb to your tea.


With origins in the Mediterranean, feathery dill flavors a delicious range of recipes.  Make Greek-style lamb with a creamy dill sauce or simply add leaves to a crisp salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and feta.


From stews to fish dishes, this grass-like herb graces many plates and bowls in Southeast Asian cuisine.  Use lemongrass in marinade for Vietnamese-style chicken or simmer it into a savory Thai soup with spicy shrimp.


This refreshing herb adds a touch of tropical flavor to your favorite iced drinks and cocktails.  But don't overlook it for your cooking!  Mint makes a delightful garnish for fruits, salads and side dishes.


"This year, I've been growing herbs in my kitchen - not only do their flavors liven up my meals but their pop of crisp green adds brightness to my kitchen décor!  Plus, since my herbs have a home right on my counter and are just an arm's length away from my stove, I use them in my recipes much more often." - Kelly Edwards, Lifestyle Expert & HGTV Veteran


May 24, 2021
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