Your Bare Root Plants Are Here – What Next?

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Your Bare Root Plants Are Here – What Next?

Growing from bare roots is simple! As soon as your Burpee package is delivered, you can plant your bare roots in the garden – they can take the frost and cold weather. Here’s what to do when your bare root plants arrive:


Step 1

Open the box! Remove bare root plants from the packaging – they’re shipped dormant because it is less stressful on the plants.


Step 2

Look for our handy Garden Guides inside and prep according to the directions for your specific bare roots.


Step 3

Soak roots in lukewarm water for two hours just before planting.* Water thoroughly after planting in your garden, and expect to see new growth in 4-6 weeks.


*Note: It’s important not to let your bare roots dry out! If you must wait longer than a few days before planting, store them in a cool place outdoors and keep the wood chips that surround the roots damp. Do not keep bare roots inside, and do not put them in the refrigerator.


If you have any questions about our plants, please send a picture and the order number to

July 6, 2021
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