Ultimate Growing System Instructions

Accelerate Your Seed Starting

Guaranteed to grow bigger and better seedlings every time. The all-in-one kits have everything you need to start seeds and get them growing strong and healthy.

Step 1: Kit Preparation

Place watering mat (black side up) over black tray insert (flat side up) and allow mat to drape over both ends evenly. Next, prepare tray by placing one Burpee growing pellet per plant cell on top of the self-watering mat and tray insert. Slowly add hot tap water over the growing pellets so they expand. Growing Pellets will expand to fill each plant cell in approximately one minute.

Step 2: Planting Seeds

Sow 1-2 seeds into each cell following the seed packet instructions. It is recommended that you group seeds with similar temperature, moisture and light level needs within the same system. Once sowing is complete fill the bottom reservoir with water to the level where the water reaches the top of the mat. Place greenhouse dome on top of the plant tray. (Note: Place kit in a location near sunlight or under grow lights and in which the kit does not need to be relocated often).

Step 3: Transplanting seedlings

Once seedlings start to emerge, remove the greenhouse dome and place seedlings in a sunny location or under grow lights. Continue to water when the reservoir is low. To transplant, use your finger or a ½" dowel to push the seedlings up and out of the bottom of the plant tray. Gently set the root block into the soil according to the seed packet instructions.

Helpful Tips:

Light: Healthy seedlings require good light, preferably 14-16 hours of light. Adjustable growing lights are recommended when starting seedlings indoors. Keep lights approximately 3" or more above seedlings.

Temperature: Follow the seed packet instructions.

Plant Food: to keep your seedlings well nourished, a diluted solution of liquid plant food may be added to the watering tray.

Transplanting: For best transplanting results take the kit outside during day-light hours (once frost date is past for your area) for approximately 4 days. Then, take the kit out for approximately 3 more days and leave out over night. This will harden off the plants and allow easier removal of the seedlings from the growing kit cells.

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