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Perennial Seeds and Plants

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Year after year, Burpee's perennial seeds and plants will fill your home garden beds and borders. Select from our full palette of colors, textures, forms and fragrances to create the perennial garden of your dreams - a sensory pleasure for years to come.


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Perennial Seeds and Plants

Spring Bulbs

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Plant this fall for blooms starting in early spring and continue for months.

Tulip, Ice Cream

The most interesting tulip we have ever seen.

Daffodil, Dutch Master

Every garden benefits from this stately and dependable yellow daffodil.

Tulip, Single Late Mix

All the popular tulip colors in one mix.


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Sturdy, woody stemmed shrub plants feature broad leaves and arrays of beautiful blooms.

Clematis, Sweet Summer Love PPAF

Early and lasting display of huge, gorgeous mauve blooms. Great cut flowers.

Hibiscus, Lord Baltimore

A surefire winner with striking red flowers.

Fall Perennials

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Choose from our full list of flowers, vines, ferns, grasses and shrubs to create your beautiful perennial garden.

Hellebore, Double Fantasy

Plant Double Fantasy with Kingston Cardinal for a dramatic fool-proof combination.

Eragrostis, Purple Love Grass

Stunning and unique pink "cloud-like" effect.

Delosperma, Golden Wonder

Dazzling color for hot, dry locations.

Shade Perennials

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Choose below from our full shade perennials. Shade gardens with their predominance of lush and lazy greens have a natural physical and ethereal attractiveness.

Panicum virgatum, Hot Rod PPAF

Drought and salt tolerant plants are native and deer resistant.

Hellebore, Pink Fizz

Radiant white with rounded petals

Fern, Japanese Painted

Beautiful fronds with wine mid-ribs and silver-green and white leaflets.

Border Perennials

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Choose below from our border perennials to complete the design of your home garden.

Lilac, Scent and Sensibility Pink PPAF

Lilac pink flowers bloom heavily in spring.

Lychnis, Scarlet O'hara

Compact plants are ideal for containers and cut flowers,

Chelone, Tiny Tortuga

Deep hot pink flowers shaped like the head of a turtle.


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Choose from our easy to grow grasses that provide interest in all four seasons.

Cortaderia, Pink Pampas

Give your garden the powerful and dramatic feeling of height.

Eragrostis, Purple Love Grass

Stunning and unique pink "cloud-like" effect.


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Choose from a great selection of container perennials that are easy to manage, beautiful, and perfect for those who do not have large garden space.

Geranium, Rozanne

True geranium with bright blue flowers.

Aster, Purple Dome

Masses of purple flowers with bright yellow centers.

Geranium, Crystal Rose

A sumptuous, long-lasting floral carpet in borders and rock gardens.

Deer Resistant

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Choose below from a special selection of perennials that are deer resistant.

Lavender, Lady

All-America Selections winner.

Eragrostis, Purple Love Grass

Stunning and unique pink "cloud-like" effect.

Introduction to Perennials  1:47

Perennials return year after year blooming on their own. Watch this introduction and discover how easy and rewarding

Planting Perennials  2:32

Burpee's expert horticulturist will explain and demonstrate how to plant perennials.

Perennials Tour #1  3:14

Take a garden tour and see favorite perennial plants in a garden setting. In this video- Shasta Daisy, Ornamental Grass