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Heirloom Seeds and Plants

vintage and delicious

Old-fashioned vegetables and flowers that have been passed down through the generations. Heirloom seeds are old-time favorites that produce plants with the same traits planting after planting, season after season, generation after generation. Some heirlooms date back 100 years or more.

All Heirlooms

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Choose from our complete list of traditional heirlooms.

Collards, Georgia

A southern favorite that is high in calcium.

Squash, Summer, Early Golden Crookneck

Meaty fruits with small crookneck have bright yellow, bumpy skin.

Heirloom Tomatoes

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Burpee's heirloom tomatoes are proven to have an aroma, flavor and freshness money can't buy. Garden ready heirloom tomato plants ship at proper planting time for your growing zone.

Tomato, Yellow Pear Organic

HEIRLOOM. Enormous numbers of yellow bite-sized fruits.

Tomato, Mortgage Lifter

HEIRLOOM. Legendary, huge beefsteak consistently wins taste-tests.

Heirloom Peppers

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Peppers are delicious, very low in calories and extremely high in vitamin C. Choose from jalapenos, habaneros, hot peppers, bell, banana or a variety of our sweet peppers. Try them raw, saut¿ed, roasted, stuffed or even stir-fried.

Pepper, Hot, Pepperoncini

Delicious peppers perfect for pickling.

Pepper, Sweet California Wonder

HEIRLOOM. The standard bell pepper.

Pepper, Hot, Lemon

HEIRLOOM. From Ecuador, as hot as any Cayenne, but with a truly unique flavor.

Heirloom Eggplants

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Eggplant, Black Beauty

HEIRLOOM. From 1902, it remains a standard worldwide for large-fruited black eggplant.

Eggplant, Turkish Orange

A Turkish heirloom producing abundant red-orange fruit.

Eggplant, Long Purple Organic

Italian type with gorgeous dark purple coloring.

All Heirloom Flowers

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Bring the classic beauty of heirloom flowers to your garden with our wide selection of seeds and plants below.

Moonflower, Giant White

HEIRLOOM. Fragrant 6" flowers open in the evening.

Zinnia, Exquisite

A full season of non-stop blooms.

Chrysanthemum, Tricolor Daisy

Heirloom painted daisy from Morocco.

All Heirloom Vegetables

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Choose from our wide selection of heirloom vegetable seeds and plants and enjoy the distinctive, old-fashioned taste of these classic favorites.

Kale, Red Russian

HEIRLOOM. Delicious grey-green leaves turn purple in cold weather.

Kale, Lacinato

Italian heirloom with blue-green leaves loaded with flavor,

Carrot, Touchon

HEIRLOOM. Sweet and tender, quick to mature.

Heirloom Watermelons

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Watermelons are practically symbolic of summertime. They make delicious, refreshing snacks in hot summer weather, and their vivid flesh is a common site on the Fourth of July and Labor Day.

Watermelon, Carolina Cross #183 Heirloom

Gigantic, delicious watermelons, many over 200 lb.

Watermelon, Georgia Rattlesnake

HEIRLOOM. The classic watermelon with pale green "snakeskin" stripes.

Watermelon, Moon And Stars Heirloom

Heirloom watermelon named for the moon and stars pattern of the skin.

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