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Seed starting supplies from the most trusted name in home gardening at including greenhouse kits, grow lights, heat mats, and trays.

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  • Tabletop Glow ‘n Grow Light, , large

    Tabletop Glow ‘n Grow Light

    Short Description

    Ideal for starting seeds indoors. Fits all our kits.

    $149.95 - $184.95
  • Seedlings Heat Mat, , large

    Seedlings Heat Mat

    Short Description

    Increases temperature so your seeds germinate faster and grow faster.

    $29.95 - $89.95
  • XL Ultimate Growing System, , large

    XL Ultimate Growing System

    Short Description

    All in one self watering kit with 32 extra-large seed starting cells.

  • Ultimate Growing System, , large

    Ultimate Growing System

    Short Description

    72 cells and self watering.

    $6.95 - $19.95
  • Ultimate Grow Light, , large

    Ultimate Grow Light

    Short Description

    Compact design grow light!

  • Burpee Super Growing Pellets, , large

    Burpee Super Growing Pellets

    Short Description

    Our new and easy super growing cubes take the mess out of starting seeds.

    $10.95 - $18.95
  • The Glow N Grow Light Garden, , large

    The Glow N Grow Light Garden

    Short Description

    Double-deck portable light garden with two large shelves.

  • Windowsill Greenhouse Kit with Heat Mat, , large

    Windowsill Greenhouse Kit with Heat Mat

    Short Description

    Everything you need to start seeds on your windowsill

  • Super Growing Pellet 50mm , , large

    Super Growing Pellet 50mm

    Short Description

    Burpee XL 50 mm Super Growing Pellets.

  • Reflective Mylar Grow Tent , , large

    Reflective Mylar Grow Tent

    Short Description

    Complete growing environment for indoor gardens

  • Organic Seed Starting Formula 10 Quarts, , large

    Organic Seed Starting Formula 10 Quarts

    Short Description

    Provides proper conditions for healthy root and foliage development.

  • Fiber Pot, 4.5" Round, 10-Pack, , large

    Fiber Pot, 4.5" Round, 10-Pack

    Short Description

    Large 4.5” Round Pots that you plant right into the garden

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