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Home Gardening Supplies and Gifts

for all your gardening needs

To create the garden of your dreams, get some expert help. Burpee's choice selection of garden-proven supplies will get your garden off to a great start, and keep it at peak performance.

All Gardening Supplies

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Browse our complete list of gardening tools, supplies and accessories.

Sea Magic Organic Growth Activator

Spray-on wonder elixir for super growth.

XL Pro Series Cage - Green

Our tallest and widest cages for managing the biggest tomato plants.

XL Ultimate Growing System

All in one self watering kit with 32 extra-large seed starting cells.

Gardening Carts

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Make all your gardening easier and faster with professional garden carts from Smart Carts. Strong and balanced garden carts are lightweight to maneuver, hold more than any wheelbarrow and last decades in even the toughest environments.

Ultimate Gardener Cart

Better than a wheelbarrow and easier to use.

Smart Cart LX Garden Utility Cart

Handles even the toughest loads with ease.

Garden Tools

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Reduce the effort and stress of taking care of your garden with our line of high quality, long-lasting tools.

Stainless Steel Hedge Sheers

Trim and prune perennials, hedges and more with ease.

Straight Blade Pruning Shear

Ready to take on the toughest tasks!

Hand Shovel

Makes ordinary hand trowels look like a child's toy!

Frost Protection

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Extend your growing season with our selection of plant protectors designed to keep the cold out and the sun and heat in.


Superior plant and row protector.

Wall O Water 3/Pack

Fill the tubes of these plant protectors with water, and you can plant earlier and harvest later.

Cold Frame

Start seedlings and plants outdoors and get a jump on spring.

Cages & Supports

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Get better yields and save space in your garden with our selection of cages, towers, ties and fences designed to support your plants throughout their growth.

Squash and Cucumber Support

The best method for growing cucumbers and squash.

XL Pro Series Cage - Green

Our tallest and widest cages for managing the biggest tomato plants.

Pro Series Folding Plant Supports

Unique folding and stacking plant supports.

Kitchen / Harvest

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Choose below from our complete selection kitchen and harvest helpers. From functional to decorative, you'll find it all here.

Herb Snips

Specially designed for snipping and mincing herbs, scallions and other delicate foods.

The Garden Tower 2

Grows 50 plants vertically with integrated composting!

Burpee's Garden Hod

Our favorite basket for every garden chores.
Help your plants stay healthy and get maximum growth with our natural and organic fertilizers.

Dino Mite Plant Food

Super all-natural mineral plant food.

Sea Magic Organic Growth Activator

Spray-on wonder elixir for super growth.

Rose-Tone Organic Rose & Flower Food

All-natural plant food for roses and other flowering plants.

Tomatoes- Staking and Caging  4:17

Support your tomato plants for maximum growth and yields.

Cucumber & Squash A-Frame Supports  1:12

Grow your best vining vegetables ever with this quick and easy support.  

Building a Raised Bed Garden with Burpee Raised Bed Kits  1:40

Anyone can create a perfect raised bed garden with Burpee raised bed supplies.