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Fall is finally here. Gardeners up North are squeezing in another season of planting before the cold arrives, but here in the subtropics we have nine whole months of glorious gardening up ahead.


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Gardening in Florida’s Zone 9 during December is a gift for tropical gardeners. You are less likely to see pests and weeds in your garden beds and the cooler temperatures mean less humidity.  December is an optimum time for planting spring-blooming shrubs and trees, like crapemyrtles, apple, peach, and pear trees, and hydrangeas. Despite less rainfall, irrigation is needed only once a week. Take advantage of the season to increase the size of your garden beds by adding more flowers and shrubs to your landscape, thus reducing your mowing next year.

1.) Zone 9 Winter Color.

1. Florida’s well known for its colorful and flowery landscapes especially during December. Think of adding these lovely winter blooms to your gardens: ageratums, calendula, candytuft, dianthus, foxgloves, hollyhocks, lobelia, ornamental kale, snapdragon, statice, and stock. Even add colorful vegetables such as cabbage and kale to your garden beds!

2.) Amaryllis – Perfect Gift.

2. A perfect gift is one that provides a spectacular show for a long time and takes very little care. These qualities of the amaryllis make it a perfect gift. The bulbs come in a beautiful array of colors, bloom for six weeks, and don’t require much attention. You can even give your gardener a ‘Christmas Gift’ or a ‘Ferrari’ of their very own!

  • Amaryllis, Christmas Gift, , large
  • Amaryllis, Ferrari, , large
  • Amaryllis, Grand Diva, , large

3.) Too Cold and Rainy To Go Outside?

3. Even in Zone 9, winter can mean staying inside on a few rainy, cold days. The upcoming seasonal weather can give you the opportunity to learn more gardening tips for winter. Check them out!

4.) Gardening Gift Ideas.

4. Looking for a special present for the beginning gardener or the experienced grower, these Burpee products are gifts your loved ones will be sure to enjoy.


  • Foodie’s Deluxe Gift Basket, , large
  • Herb & Flower Drying Rack Kit , , large
  • Burpee's Garden Hod, , large

5.) Last Minute Stocking Stuffers.

5. Looking for a cute stocking stuffer, hostess gift for a Christmas party, or a “thank you” for a year of good service? Here are new and creative gardening gifts for friends and family.

  • Versatile Herb Mincer, , large
  • Wild Bird Seed Wreath, Snow Man, , large
  • Gift Card, , large