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Zinnia Seeds and Plants

brighten up any garden

With both an abundance of bright, vibrant flowers in a variety of forms and sizes, and a love of high heat and strong sun, zinnias provide great pleasure.

Zinnia Seeds and Plants

Single Flowered Zinnia

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Single Flowered zinnias have a single row of petals that reveals the center of the flower, rather than hiding it like the semidouble and double flowered types do.

Zinnia, Uptown Grape

Great big wine-red blooms offer a continuous fiesta of dreamy color.

Double-Flowered Zinnias

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Burpee offers many colorful varieties of double-flowered zinnias including our new 'Queen Red Lim' and the All-America Winner 'Zowie'.

Zinnia, State Fair Mix

Jumbo flowers in an array of colors.

Zinnia, Exquisite

A full season of non-stop blooms.

Zinnia, Giant Flowered Mixed Colors

Huge dahlia-like flowers. Full color range.


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Dahlia zinnias are semidouble to double 3-5" wide blooms and will add stunning color to your home garden.

Zinnia, Exquisite

A full season of non-stop blooms.

Zinnia, Senora™

This is one of the prettiest, most eye-catching zinnias we've encountered.

Zinnia, Tequila Lime

Amazing crisp green lime flowers.
Globe zinnias are perfect for the cutting garden.

Zinnia, Thumbelina Mix

The compact dome-shaped plants start to bloom when only 3" tall.


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Cactus-flowered zinnias range from 2 1/2-3' and bear double and semidouble 4"-wide flowers with narrow, curved petals.

Zinnia, Burpeeana Giants Mix

Brightly colored quilled and ruffled petals create huge, 6" blooms!


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Mexican zinnias are narrow-leaved zinnias remarkably resistant to disease, drought and heat. Plants have linear- to lance-shaped leaves and bear an abundance of daisylike 1 1/2"-wide flower heads in summer.

Zinnia, Jazzy Mix

Petite, sparkly flowers in the juiciest, prettiest colors.

Zinnia, Old Mexico

Heirloom 1962 All-America Selections winner.

All Zinnias

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Zinnia, Zahara Sunburst

A floriferous fantasia of ravishing bicolor orange-yellow blooms.

Zinnia, Jazzy Mix

Petite, sparkly flowers in the juiciest, prettiest colors.

Zinnia, Pop Art Red and Yellow

Clean and disease-resistant plants produce an abundance of large double flowers in gold and red.


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Tetraploid zinnias are vigorous, highly disease-resistant flowers that produce large flowers on sturdy stems.

Zinnia, Burpee's Big Tetra Mix

Pink, yellow, orange, scarlet, white, and more.
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