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Annual Flower Seeds and Plants

a variety of fresh blooms

Our annual flowers are available in both seeds and plants from the most trusted name in home gardening, Burpee. Find your favorite flower seeds and plants.
Try Burpee's new flower seeds and plants including a tri-color impatiens, flaming sunflower, and head-turning blooms from calibrachoas along with much more.

Verbena, Twister Purple

Early bloomer with large flowers keeps producing until frost.

Sunflower, Elegance

Compact sunflower with big-time flower power.

Direct Sow Flowers

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Sow these easy and fast flower seeds directly into your garden for a bounty of blooms all summer long.

Nasturtium, Summer Gown

Bushy, vining 24" plants are clustered with luminous flowers.

Sunflower, Candy Mountain Hybrid

Flowers and blooms on every leaf node of the 8-10’ plants.
Burpee sunflower seeds are perfect for any home garden. Grow snack, giant, dwarf, garden and pollenless sunflowers at Burpee Seeds.

Sunflower, Ms. Mars

Standout variety with dark-red-to-purple flowers, leaves and stems.

Sunflower, Elegance

Compact sunflower with big-time flower power.

Garden Ready Flower Plants

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We do the growing for you! Speed up your flower garden with these pre-started flower plants that arrive at the best time for planting in your area.

Begonia, Sparks Will Fly

Easy growing, shade-loving mounded plants.

Calibrachoa, Candy Bouquet

Stunning in hanging baskets, patio planters and garden beds.

Calibrachoa, Kabloom Crave Sunset

The very first Calibrachoa from seed!
Bright, colorful “daisies” bloom on long stems with ferny leaves. Tolerates poor soil, heat and drought. Sow outdoors after frost.

Cosmos, Double Take

A spectacular show of flowers all summer long.

Cosmos, Bright Lights Mixed Colors

Semidouble 2-3" blooms in a vibrant color mix.

Cosmos, Sensation Mix

Large plants make a bold, beautiful statement in your flower garden.

Container Flowers

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Burpee recommends annual flowers that are perfect for growing in containers, pots, and hanging baskets.

Sedum, Fulda Glow

Rose-red flowers will exult in the steady stream of compliments from visitors

Zinnia, Raspberry Lemonade Mix

Vibrant mix for easy, summer-long blooms.

Bedding Flowers

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Beautiful blooms to fill annual flower gardens of all sizes. Grow flowers from seed or plants.

Marigold, Fireball

Petal power: the largest French marigold.

Petunia, Purple Wave™ Hybrid

Purple Wave petunia, the original groundcover petunia.

Zinnia, White Wedding

The most brilliant white zinnia you'll ever see.
Grow Burpee's annual cut flower seeds and plants in your home garden perfect for any vase.

Zinnia, State Fair Mix

Jumbo flowers in an array of colors.

Zinnia, White Wedding

The most brilliant white zinnia you'll ever see.

Growing Impatiens  1:04

In full or partial shade gardens, impatiens flower like mad from early summer to the first frost.

Growing Sunflowers  1:33

See how easy it is to grow these summertime favorites.

Introduction to Annual Flowers  1:28

Annual flowers are easy and rewarding to grow. We’ll show you the basic ideas to get you started.

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