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Backdoor Salad Garden

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Fresh salads right at your backdoor!

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Includes everything you need to have colorful, fresh salads throughout the summer. Perfect for small gardens. Each variety is packaged separately with easy instructions. For full sun locations. Includes one packet each of:
  • 'Dynamite' Lettuce - This butterhead lettuce is a standout for sweet flavor and offers incredible blight resistance. (500 seeds),
  • 'Caracas' Hybrid Carrot - These gorgeous deep orange baby carrots are loaded with flavor and are happy to be grown in containers! (2000 seeds),
  • 'Cherry Belle' Radish - An All-America Selections winner that is remarkably fast and easy to grow. (1000 seeds),
  • 'Bush Champion' Cucumber - Bush champion takes up 1/3 the space of most vining cucumbers, and delivers huge 8-12" cukes. One of our favorite cucumber varieties! (60 seeds).
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    Fall Lettuce
    Fall Lettuce
    Fall is an ideal time to grow cools season lettuce favorites.
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    How To Plant & Grow Lettuce
    How To Plant & Grow Lettuce
    Learn how to plant and grow lettuce from Burpee's expert horticulturist.
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    • Lettuce

      Start Indoors Start Indoors Starting seeds indoors is called Indoor Sow or Indirect Sow and these dates are when to sow seeds indoors in the spring or summer
      Transplant Transplant When to transplant bulbs or roots in the garden for spring
      Start Outdoors Start Outdoors Starting seeds outdoors is called Outdoor Sow or Direct Sow and these dates are when to sow seeds outdoors in the spring or summer
      Start Indoors Fall Start Indoors Fall Starting seeds indoors in the fall called Indoor Sow or Indirect Sow and these dates are when to sow seeds outdoors in the fall
      Transplant Fall Transplant Fall Transplant Fall-When to transplant bulbs or roots in the garden for fall
      Start Outdoors Fall Start Outdoors Fall Starting seeds outdoors in the fall is called Outdoor Sow or Direct Sow and these dates are when to sow seeds outdoors in the fall
      S S Succession Planting This means that the plants have multiple harvests in a season
      First Date: Apr-04 - Last Date: May-16
      First Date: Mar-07 - Last Date: Apr-04
      First Date: Aug-06 - Last Date: Sep-17
      First Date: Apr-04 - Last Date: May-16

    How to Sow

    • Sow lettuce seeds in average soil in full sun in early spring for first crop. Sow in late summer for fall crop.
    • Sow every two weeks to extend harvests.
    • In late summer, sow in a protected are that stays below 75 degrees F.
    • Sow thinly in rows 12 inches apart and cover with ¼ inch of fine soil.
    • Follow the spacing recommended on the seed packet for specific varieties.
    • Firm lightly and keep evenly moist.
    • Seedlings emerge in 7-10 days.

    How to Grow

    • Thin to stand 8 inches apart when seedlings are 1-2 inches tall.
    • Keep lettuce plants well watered during dry periods to promote rapid, uninterrupted growth.
    • Lettuce is shallow-rooted, so avoid disturbing the soil around the plants when weeding.
    • Unless there is regular rainfall, lettuce plants must be watered deeply at least once a week and more frequently during periods of drought.
    • Mulch with a layer of compost or clean straw to help the soil retain moisture.

    Harvest and Preserving Tips

    • For the best quality, pick lettuce early rather than late as lettuce allowed to grow too long may be bitter and tough.
    • Try to harvest in the morning when the leaves are crisp, sweet, and full of moisture.
    • Harvest looseleaf types anytime the leaves are large enough to use.
    • Harvest butterhead types when they have formed heads and the leaves are a good size.
    • Cut the heads below the crown.
    • On leaf types, you can just pick a few leaves at a time, if you like.
    • Store for 5-7 days in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Many gardeners wrap leaves in moist paper towels.
    • Lettuce is a classic ingredient in salads. It adds crispness to sandwiches and can be used as a garnish, braised, or added to soups. Many of the looseleaf cultivars are also decorative in the garden.