Gourmet Vegetables

Elevate your cooking with a connoisseur's collection of carefully selected heirloom and hybrid vegetables — tomatoes, squash, carrots, greens and more — all worthy of main-dish status.

  1. Tomato, Vivacious Hybrid
    Tomato, Vivacious Hybrid
    Luminous orange-scarlet fruits are bursting with beta-carotene!
    $8.32 - $32.5
    As low as $8.95

    Plant & Seed & Farmer’s Market Seed

  2. Spinach, Space Hybrid
    Spinach, Space Hybrid
    Smooth Leaved Three Season Spinach Vigorous, fine tasting salad and boiling spinach
    As low as $4.45


  3. Bean, Three Color Blend
    Bean, Three Color Blend
    Sweet, colorful, easy-to-harvest bush beans.
    $5.45 - $9.95
    As low as $5.45

    Seeds & Seeds

  4. Peas, First 13
    Peas, First 13
    Robust vines produce for the first time 13 peas per pod.
    As low as $5.45


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