Container-Friendly Vegetable Seeds & Plants

Even with limited space, you can grow all kinds of amazing vegetables in containers — from greens to tomatoes, peppers to cucumbers, even eggplants, squash and beans.

  1. Cucumber, Bragger Hybrid
    Cucumber, Bragger Hybrid
    Bountiful, adaptable, versatile plants produce sweet, crunchy cukes by the bushel.
    $5.45 - $18.95
    As low as $5.45

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  2. Tomato, Fresh Salsa Hybrid
    Tomato, Fresh Salsa Hybrid
    A gourmet garden breakthrough.
    $6.95 - $8.32
    As low as $6.95

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  3. Lettuce, All Season Romaine Blend
    Lettuce, All Season Romaine Blend
    Have Romaine lettuce all season long.
    As low as $5.45


  4. Lettuce, Burpee Bibb
    Lettuce, Burpee Bibb
    HEIRLOOM. The sweetest bibb lettuce ever!
    As low as $4.95


  5. Lettuce, Dynamite
    Lettuce, Dynamite
    Standout for sweet flavor and incredible blight-resistance.
    As low as $6.95


  6. Pepper, Sweet, Mocha Swirl
    Pepper, Sweet, Mocha Swirl
    Eye-popping peppers for patio pots!
    $7.95 - $8.32
    As low as $8.32

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  7. Lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson
    Lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson
    HEIRLOOM. Even after 150 years it's one of the most tender leaf lettuces.
    $4.45 - $6.95
    As low as $4.45

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  8. Pepper, Sweet, Carnival Blend
    Pepper, Sweet, Carnival Blend
    Five different, colorful bell peppers for the price of one.
    $6.45 - $6.95
    As low as $6.45

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