Bean Seeds

Whether it’s a humble variety like the classic White Half Runner, a hearty lima or flat Italian, or an eye-popping bush variety like Purple Queen, we’ve got the right bean for your garden. Seeds should be directly sown and do best in full sun.

  1. Bean, Bush, Desperado
    Bean, Bush, Desperado
    Bountiful 16–20" plants produce dense sets of super-tasty 5½" dark-green pods.


  2. Bean, Bush, Lima Fordhook 242
    Bean, Bush, Lima Fordhook 242
    HEIRLOOM. Heat-resistant plants thrive in adverse conditions.
    $5.45 - $7.95

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  3. Bean, Pole, Seychelles
    Bean, Pole, Seychelles
    Enjoy multiple harvests of uniform, stringless pods from this robust climber! An All-America Selections Winner.


  4. Bean, Pole, White Half Runner
    Bean, Pole, White Half Runner
    HEIRLOOM. Heavy yields of tender green pods.
    $3.95 - $9.95

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Popular Beans

Beans can add a flavorful variety to many different recipes. Beans are loaded with protein & fiber, can be stored for months, and are capable of thriving on both gardens or containers. Burpee's exclusive bean types are available in various flavors, colors, and sizes.

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