What needs to be done prior to transplanting seedlings?

Before transplanting, plants need to be "hardened off" for a week. "Hardening off" means to gradually accustom them to outdoor growing conditions by exposing them to their final planting locations for a few hours more each day.

The ideal temperature for transplanting is about 65-70 degrees F.

Follow these steps when hardening off your seedlings, plants or transplants.

1.) Move your seedlings outside to a sheltered location in partial shade during the warmest part of the day.

2.) Bring them to a sheltered location outside each evening

3.) Move the plants to a spot where they get a couple more hours of sun everyday. On days 6 and 7 the plants are ready to be transplanted.

Note: If frost is expected, bring the plants inside.

If it is necessary to delay planting, you can store plants in a cool (60-65 degree F) bright environment for up to 10 days. Make sure roots do not dry out and be careful not to overwater.

What is transplanting?

Transplanting is planting your seedlings that you have grown indoors into their final planting locations. It's basically replanting (a plant) in a permanent location for the growing season. Follow these instructions for transplanting.


To ensure the proper nutrients are in the soil for strong roots, we recommend using a starter fertilizer. Burpee recommends Burpee Organic Starter & Fertilizer Plant Food to be mixed with the soil before transplanting.

Carefully plant the transplant to its new location, trying to avoid damaging its roots.

After transplanting:

1.) Make sure to soak soil after transplanting

2.) Add mulch to reduce soil moisture

For more information about hardening off the seedlings, click here.


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