Last Call For Spring Plants

  1. Raspberry, Glencoe
    Raspberry, Glencoe
    Bumper crop of incredibly luscious gourmet raspberries.
    As low as $17.95


  2. Fig, Violette de Bordeaux
    Fig, Violette de Bordeaux
    Finest tasting fig, produces small abundance of purple-black fruit with out of this world, sweet, rich flavor.
    As low as $21.95


  3. Lobelia speciosa, Starship Deep Rose
    Lobelia speciosa, Starship Deep Rose
    Must-grow perennial dazzles with towering spikes of deep-rose blooms complemented by bronze foliage.
    $6.95 - $14.95
    As low as $6.95

    Plant & Seeds

  4. Potato, Harvest Moon
    Potato, Harvest Moon
    Creamy nutty crack-resistant fruits are excellent for mashing, baking, and boiling.
    As low as $21.95


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