Sow A Smile

Flowers make people happy

Experience the power of flowers to bring happiness! The bond between humans and flowers crosses cultures, continents and millennia. Studies show that flowers make people smile, they unite us, make us friendlier, they create community, they even improve memory and the quality of life.

SOW A cut flower seed mix directly in the garden or containers after all danger of frost.

GROW and create a homegrown cut-flower bouquet.

MAKE SOMEONE SMILE: Share a bouquet with a neighbor, friend, family member, or complete stranger!

The effects of flowers  

Jeannette Haviland-Jones, PhD of the Department of Psychology at Rutgers University, conducted several studies investigating the effect of flowers on human emotions. Her research revealed compellingly consistent evidence that flowers make people happy, and receiving a bouquet of flowers may even have a positive effect on brain chemistry. Her evidence was that recipents of bouquets inevitably exhibited a "Duchenne smile" when presented with the bouquet.



The Duchenne smile not only raises the corners of our mouths, but also raises our cheeks and crinkles the eyes. It is a reliable measure of positive emotion, and it elicits smiles in others. Celebrate the power of flowers, make someone smile and share the joy!


Why flowers?

Dr. Haviland-Jones proposes that flowers may actually have evolved to be pleasing to humans, who in turn began saving and sowing the seeds thousands of years ago. Like our relationship with pets, we may even think of flowers as a plant version of companion animals. They are primordial, connecting us to nature and to each other.PDF: Read Dr. Haviland-Jones’ studies: STUDIES/RESEARCH

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