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Beefsteak Tomato Growers Kit

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The perfect gift set to grow even the biggest beefsteak tomatoes,

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Grow the biggest of tomato plants with ease using the right supplies. Includes three of our biggest tomato cages, plant automators to speed growth, and Sea Magic spray to increase yields.
  • Includes:
  • Tomato Plant Automators: Increases yields by as much as 40%! Patented tray warms the soil for early root development and directs water and fertilizer to the plant roots.
  • XL Pro Series Tomato Cages: 3 of our largest tomato cages to support even the biggest beefsteak tomato plants. Helps grow healthier plants and better fruits.
  • Sea Magic Growth Spray: All-natural spray-on wonder elixir for super growth. Promotes robust growth and better-tasting crops, up to 24% more tomatoes!
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    Beefsteak Tomato Growers Kit
    Beefsteak Tomato Growers Kit, , large
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