Tailgating: It’s a Whole New Ballgame



New trend sees pregame festivities taking place beyond the stadium parking lot;
Welcome the advent of Garden-Gating

October 2011 - Warminster, PA – “We have entered the era of Tailgating 2.0,” notes George Ball, Chairman and CEO of national garden company W. Atlee Burpee & Co.

“Since not all fans can make it to the game but still want to participate in pregame festivities, tailgating has expanded beyond the original stadium parking lot and moved into neighborhoods, backyards and even driveways.”

According to Ball, more families are cheering on their favorite teams this football season with pregame parties at home. And that’s not the only change. Tailgating recipes are increasingly both healthier and more sophisticated, with wholesome vegetables frequently replacing some of the more traditional fare. Burgers are still on the grill, but are a part of a gourmet menu often including seafood, pasta, salads and crudités.

Now that tailgating has found an additional home field, “the garden and patio are right at the heart of it,” says Ball, calling the phenomenon Garden-Gating. Fans create ‘outdoor rooms’ for the Sunday game festivities, with attractive table settings, potted autumn plants and cut flower arrangements. And, while the partygoers may not all make it to the stadium, they are still in the game, watching on outdoor-ready, weatherproof large screen TVs.

“The Garden-Gating trend is a freight train moving full speed down the track,” declares Ball. “It reflects the nation’s growing desire for better health and nutrition and new-found passion for gourmet, fresh, locally-grown foods.”

To encourage this wholesome new trend, Burpee has launched a series of gourmet Garden-Gating recipes on its website and is also hosting a national Garden-Gating contest. To review the recipes and to enter the contest, visit at: //www.burpee.com/garden-gating.

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