Daffodil Bulbs

Nothing adds a little cheer like spring favorite daffodils. These bright and sunny charmers are easy to plant, low-maintenance and multiply rapidly. And they make wonderful cut flowers.

  1. Daffodils, Yellow Trumpet 1/2 Bushel
    Daffodils, Yellow Trumpet 1/2 Bushel
    The most highly respected daffodil in production, available in a large quantity.


  2. Daffodil, Chromacolor
    Daffodil, Chromacolor
    Great color contrast of white and salmon.


  3. Daffodil, February Gold
    Daffodil, February Gold
    A favorite in many gardens due to the early formation of flowers.


  4. Daffodil, Kapiti Peach
    Daffodil, Kapiti Peach
    Numerous flowers with a soft, peach center and white petals.


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Popular Daffodil Plants

Daffodils are one of the most popular flowers due to their natural beauty. Also knows as Narcissus, this spring flowering plant comes in beautiful colors such as white, yellow, and orange.

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