July Checklist for Zones 9-10

Keep your garden growing! You may be enjoying the fruit of your labor (literally!) but there’s still a bounty of veggies and flowers you can sow now to keep your garden hard at work into fall.


1. Squash – If you’re looking for a veggie that’s easy to grow with huge yields, you can’t go wrong with squash! This sun-loving plant is easy to grow in garden beds and containers alike. Direct sow squash seeds now through the middle of August, and expect to harvest in about 7 weeks. Try darling ‘Cupcake’ Hybrid, which yields 2-5” fruits that are a perfect mix of sweet and savory.

general gardening image

Squash, Cupcake Hybrid

2. Cucumbers –Nothing compares to the flavor of home-grown cucumbers! Another easy-to-grow, prolific veggie, cukes can be direct-sown now through mid-August. We love ‘Fresh Pickles’ hybrid, a mildew-resistant, delicious cuke that yields up to 55 fruits per plant! Or, try customer favorite ‘Bush Champion’, which takes up 1/3 the space of a vining cucumber.

Cucumber, Fresh Pickles

Cucumber, Bush Champion

Annual Flowers:

1. Petunias-Who says colorful blooms end in the summer? Petunias make the perfect addition to any sunny garden spot, and are known for attracting hummingbirds! Sow indoors all month long. We recommend trying ‘Shock Wave™ Denim’, a gorgeous trailing petunia perfect for hanging baskets.

*Tip – Do not cover petunia seeds with soil- they need light to germinate!

Petunia, Show Wave

2. Phlox- Be sure to add Phlox to your garden this fall! Although available as both an annual and a perennial flower, annual phlox varieties can be sown directly into the garden in the end of July and through August. Enjoy Summer Majesty’ Hybrid Mix, which blooms brilliantly in light pink, white, wine, burgundy, and a diffused blue.

Phlox, Summer Majesty



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